Professor Dr. Christoph Reisser

Former Director of the ENT Department at "Hanuschkrankenhaus der WGKK"
Former Medical Director of "Evangelisches Krankenhaus Wien" (Protestant Hospital Vienna)

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Dr. Susanne Reisser General practitioner

In urgent cases I am also available on
Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays


Surgery and residential treatment in Vienna

Surgeries and hospitalizations will be scheduled based on your medical insurance status. As a private patient you can be treated by me at any Vienniese private hospital.

For planning your surgery it is my primary concern that the technical equipment of these hospitals is at the highest possible level.

In case you do not have a private insurance, surgery can be performed in the “Evangelisches Krankenhaus Wien” with an additional payment (see Terms and Conditions of “Evangelisches Krankenhaus Wien”).

In many cases surgery is not necessary. For example sudden hearing loss or other inner ear disorders can be successfully  treated by infusions and other procedures. In all these hospitals listed above, any consultations with other specialists and different treatments can be offered. 

Please contact our ENT practice in Vienna for more information. We are always happy to help you with your medical issues.